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Are you a procrastinator?

I know that I sure am, I can’t deny this truth. If you are then you’ve probably been in this situation before: It’s the first hot day of summer. You go to turn on your central air and a moment later you realize your house isn’t getting cold. You don’t know what’s wrong. Maybe you need to give it a while. A day later, you’re still sitting in a sweltering house with no cool air to be found. You think a fan might help but all it’s doing is blowing hot air. Heating and Cooling Maintenance
Finally, you break down and call your local specialist. By now, it’s been two or three days sitting in uncomfortable heat, sweating in your own house. You make an appointment and finally an repair technician arrives. At last, you’re back in comfort as your humble abode returns to an acceptable temperature for someone non-native to the equator.

AC Maintenance

The simple truth is this all could be prevented and all you would have had to do was reach out do something about it a little sooner. Most heating companies also do cooling, of course, and regular maintenance of your air conditioning unit can save you several days of discomfort. We don’t change our car’s oil when the engine’s about to break down, right? So why wait until the cooling unit in your house breaks before seeking a professional to come and help.

Preventative maintenance can also save you money down the line. If you’ve ever taken care of anything mechanical, then you know that it’s much easier to try and solve problems before they start; not just easier but less costly too! The average price of a car oil change is about $20 but let’s say you leave old oil in your car. Suddenly your car stops working and your engine block cracks. Now you’re looking at $1000 dollars in repairs that could have been prevented just by going out of your way and paying that $20. You just cost yourself 50 times the money by being a procrastinator like me.

One thing I can guarantee you though is that it won’t happen again. Before this winter hit, I called my local heating company and had my furnace checked out and I can tell you that I’ve been nice and cozy all winter (while I was at it I made sure to get my oil changed). I’ve worn jackets in the house before but never again.

So take it from me, a reformed procrastinator. If you’re a homeowner, save yourself some money, save yourself some grief, and save yourself a potentially uncomfortable situation. Planning ahead takes a little bit of extra time in the present but in the long run it’ll save you a lot of time, effort, and stress in the future. If there’s one place I demand to be comfortable in, it’s my own house. After all, we live in a time where we can reside in the perfect temperature no matter what climate it is, so let’s take advantage of it!
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Health Care Ideas By Tom Price


Georgia Rep. Tom Price was one of the top critics of the Affordable Care Act. He was a leading advocate of replacing and repealing the 2010 healthcare law.

Price is from Atlanta; a practicing orthopedic surgeon has his vision in rebuilding the Obamacare which is in current Congress as well as the previous sessions. Price has named his plan as Empowering Patients First. Current house speaker Paul Ryan has made a proposal
by Price’s plan.

The major issue Price had with the current situation is that the government comes in between the doctor and patient relationship. Price said that the government is controlling the health care while it should get controlled by the doctors and patients. He also mentioned that people get coverage not care.

diabetThe to-be president Donald Trump has roped in Price to take charge of the Health and Human services so that Price can implement his health care keys.

Price plans to have a fixed tax credit so that people can opt for the insurance they want. The starting credit is $1200 a year which goes up with age, not with income. By implementing this, all of them gets a medical cover with the same credit, no matter whether the people are rich or poor.
Price also plans to have health care savings account so that people can save money before they pay tax for health care.

If people have got insurance for 18 months continuously, they can opt for a new policy. There will be no cover denial for people with existing medical situations. There will be limitations for the company which deducts their tax by paying their employees medical insurance expenses.

Price plans to have government -run health plans for those people who has got existing medical conditions and cannot afford to buy health insurance from the private market.

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Achievements Of And Challenges For Obamacare

obamacarePresident Obama, in a meeting in Miami, told the public that his successor would face challenges in continuing Obamacare. The 2010 Affordable care act was a starter home of a law that was fixing the US health system. Under this law, many insurance companies in the state are facing chaos as people who are under the high- risk tab is rushing to take insurance. This situation creates difficulty for the younger and healthier people. While Obama was delivering the speech, people have pointed some challenges in the law.

pt_1057_22736_oThe public pointed out that Obamacare is almost collapsing. The insurance companies are asking for high premium which lower income and middle- income group cannot afford. The President assured that anyone can buy insurance for the first time regardless of their medical condition. Obama said that there are many Americans who have medical insurance through their employers. Many people believed that the law would have been successful if it was based completely on the government health system. Obama told that point of Obamacare is to make sure of giving help to the public.

The President said the main reason behind coming to Florida, is to acknowledge the concerns over the impact of the law. Millions of Americans are still out there without proper medical insurance. The Insurance companies are in confusion as to whom they should give cover and whom they should not give cover. He also mentioned the challenges for Obamacare. Some were expanding the eligibility for Medicaid in 19 states and increasing the tax credit for potential enrollees etc. Obama was seen requesting the Democrats to continue working with the next president. The President’s closing thoughts was on the new season for coverage as the law begins on Nov.1 and he said that everyone could go to healthcare.gov to check for the latest updates on insurance.

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