Inherent Mosquito Modification For Health

quantov%2f2016-05%2feba067b0-ab50-420c-a53a-5318f92682fc%2fwhy-do-mosquitoes-bite-some-people-moreOur scientists are smart enough to tell us about the history of every virus. However, some viruses like zika have confused our scientists that a vaccine for zika is yet to invent. Scientists know that zika virus which gets spread through mosquitoes comes under the same genre of the mosquitoes which spreads dengue and chikungunya. Hundreds of babies have suffered the dangerous zika virus in Brazil. Most of them have defects. Zika is now a global emergency. Health officials have confirmed that the zika virus infected people will increase in number in Brazil.

635578559582399046-modified-mosquitoes-kellThe Oxitec biotechnology firm has come up with an idea of genetically modified male mosquitoes to the mosquito population. If this idea works, we can wipe out the mosquitoes, which spreads zika virus. The idea is to inject the mosquitoes laid eggs with lethal genes DNA. Releasing only the male mosquitoes will help us from zika as male mosquitoes will not bite. The scientifically made mosquitoes cannot survive adulthood. As a result, the mosquito population will shrink and eventually will get destroyed. Most people do not believe in this idea, only because they do not know what to do.Officials say that the world is at risk because of this virus. Scientists believe that with Oxitec’s idea, around 80 percent of mosquitoes can be killed while what the world want is the complete destruction.

Health officials have asked the people to stay safe by not allowing standing water in the bucket or flower pot, keeping the windows closed, and the usage of mosquito repellents. Officials say that public is scared when they hear genetically made mosquitoes as they do not understand the importance of it. Ignorance is the main issue in genetic engineering. In a nutshell, only genetically made mosquitoes can help to put a stop to zika virus as a vaccine against this virus is yet to be made.

Health Emergency – Zika Virus Alert


Zika virus has become a huge threat to the humans. A state of emergency is in many areas. Areas which are affected have advised the women there to delay any pregnancy expectations. The common symptoms of zika virus infection are light fever, pain in joints and headache. This virus can cause temporary paralysis as well. Unfortunately, no vaccines are discovered by the doctors yet. The biggest danger is this virus can affect the babies who are still in the womb, and the virus will not let the brain to develop.

Zika virus concept, medical worker in protective clothesChildren who survive this dangerous virus face intellectual disability. Some countries government have advised women to not to try for a baby as zika virus can create complications in the pregnancy and can also result in miscarriage. However, couples can try for a baby if the virus has been completely cleared out from the body. The WHO has called the situation as Public Health Emergency. The WHO has declared zika as a global threat. Confirmation has sent to WHO that the same mosquitoes which cause dengue spread zika too. Zika has put in the same category as Ebola. The WHO is coordinating with countries health organizations to find a vaccine for zika. It is advised to the public to take precautions against zika.

The first case of Zika was in 1947, in Uganda. The first human case was in Nigeria, and the zika virus was seen later in Africa, Pacific Islands, and South East Asia. Zika was not considered as a threat until it showed up in Brazil in 2015. Zika virus cannot live in cold places, and they are active during daytime. People are advised to wear long sleeve dress and mosquito repellents. Health officials have warned pregnant ladies not to travel.

Health officials say that a vaccine will be ready by 2018.

Technology Selection Over Health Services

elearning-clinical-research-pharmaceuticals-2Technology is slowly capturing the entire world. Be it a business, or a Bank. Now a day technology is taking up medical science too. Doctors are not getting enough patients as the patients are treating themselves using technology. The National Health Centre is completely dependent upon the doctors and pays them a good amount. However, NHS is not getting any hike in the productivity. To be honest, doctors face a major threat from technology.

Most of the young people have got trackers to count their steps or the calories they burn while they work etc. The Graph says one in every ten people uses this kind of technology to know their wellbeing. The usages of technology have stopped the people from going to a hospital and do a regular checkup. There is confirmation that the people who use technology for medical purposes will grow rather than coming down. Many doctors have seen patients who come to the clinic after a self-diagnosis after doing a complete research in Google.

post-shi-healthcareDepartment of health is concerned about the working of National Health Centre. Since the technology has come in the relationship between a doctor and a patient has changed completely. A study shows that when a patient goes to check his blood pressure in a clinic, that person checks it previously at home and then goes to the clinic. One of the best examples is the pregnancy test. Till 1970, we needed a doctor to check and confirm.

Nowadays a plastic strip will help you know what is going on. Most of the doctors were made wealthy by the people for the only reason that the doctors are the only person who knows about your health. So it is quite understandable that why they worry too much. A medical revolution is on the way, and of course, technology will be the hero.