February 2016

Health Emergency – Zika Virus Alert


Zika virus has become a huge threat to the humans. A state of emergency is in many areas. Areas which are affected have advised the women there to delay any pregnancy expectations. The common symptoms of zika virus infection are light fever, pain in joints and headache. This virus can cause temporary paralysis as well. Unfortunately, no vaccines are discovered by the doctors yet. The biggest danger is this virus can affect the babies who are still in the womb, and the virus will not let the brain to develop.

Zika virus concept, medical worker in protective clothesChildren who survive this dangerous virus face intellectual disability. Some countries government have advised women to not to try for a baby as zika virus can create complications in the pregnancy and can also result in miscarriage. However, couples can try for a baby if the virus has been completely cleared out from the body. The WHO has called the situation as Public Health Emergency. The WHO has declared zika as a global threat. Confirmation has sent to WHO that the same mosquitoes which cause dengue spread zika too. Zika has put in the same category as Ebola. The WHO is coordinating with countries health organizations to find a vaccine for zika. It is advised to the public to take precautions against zika.

The first case of Zika was in 1947, in Uganda. The first human case was in Nigeria, and the zika virus was seen later in Africa, Pacific Islands, and South East Asia. Zika was not considered as a threat until it showed up in Brazil in 2015. Zika virus cannot live in cold places, and they are active during daytime. People are advised to wear long sleeve dress and mosquito repellents. Health officials have warned pregnant ladies not to travel.

Health officials say that a vaccine will be ready by 2018.