January 2018


When I was first looking into fixing my teeth I didnt even know that Invisalign existed. I thought ugly metal braces were my only option.

I searched online for braces and noticed this clear braces solution called Invisalign. I searched some more (which I urge you to do too if youre serious about fixing your teeth) and found tons of info but Invisalign is a clear alternative Invisalign clear bracesto braces. Here is what I found:


Instead of getting ugly and painful metal bars put in your mouth you have a mold taken of your teeth and an orthodontist works with Invisalign to make these clear trays, a lot like clear mouthguards if youve ever played physical sports, that fit in your mouth and move your teeth into your desired position.
Invisalign will fix almost any type of teeth problem: Overly crowded teeth, widely space teeth, crossbite, overbite, and underbite. They all can be fixed by Invisalign! 🙂

clear braces-invisalign | orthodontistsDepending on how bad your teeth are that will depend on how many Invisalign trays you need to use to move your teeth into the desired position. This determines how long you have to wear the braces. I have badly crowded teeth and I have to wear my top trays for 8 months and my bottoms for 4 months. But the awesome part is that as you go along your smile gets better and better! Not like regular braces where youre going to be embarrassed to smile until you get those metal bars off. 😛
You can take the Invisalign trays in and out! This makes it a lot easier to eat food and although not recommended, if you have a big date you can take them out. 😉
Theyre custom molded for your teeth and are waaaaaay less painful than regular braces because they dont irritate your gums or cheeks. I feel a little pressure from the trays doing there job but other than that I hardly notice theyre in there.
They’re not that expensive! Invisalign is almost the same cost as normal braces and almost all doctors have a payment plan of some kind. I had a little bit of money that I put down and the rest Im doing in monthly installments:)


Apparently is not for everyone and I did find stories where people said it didnt work that well for them or they found the trays annoying. Worried about this I researched more and found that some doctors will do the procedure without much experience. 🙁 Make sure you find an experienced Invisalign doctor by going through sites like invisalignspecialists.com, or if youre in Canada, getinvisalign.ca.
Some people experience a little bit of dry mouth. I get this a little bit sometimes but I just drink a little water and it goes away. 🙂
In some cases a person may need to get tooth coloured anchors attached to some teeth to suppor the movement of the teeth. In my case I got these but I can hardly even see them as they match the colour of your teeth exactly! 🙂

OrthodontistsAs you can see the Pros definitely outway the cons! Fix your smile without anyone noticing for almost the same price as braces!!!! Count me in! See more here on this website