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Health Care Ideas By Tom Price

Georgia Rep. Tom Price was one of the top critics of the Affordable Care Act. He was a leading advocate of replacing and repealing the 2010 healthcare law.

Price is from Atlanta; a practicing orthopedic surgeon has his vision in rebuilding the Obamacare which is in current Congress as well as the previous sessions. Price has named his plan as Empowering Patients First. Current house speaker Paul Ryan has made a proposal
by Price’s plan.

The major issue Price had with the current situation is that the government comes in between the doctor and patient relationship. Price said that the government is controlling the health care while it should get controlled by the doctors and patients. He also mentioned that people get coverage not care.

The to-be president Donald Trump has roped in Price to take charge of the Health and Human services so that Price can implement his health care keys.

Price plans to have a fixed tax credit so that people can opt for the insurance they want. The starting credit is $1200 a year which goes up with age, not with income. By implementing this, all of them gets a medical cover with the same credit, no matter whether the people are rich or poor.
Price also plans to have health care savings account so that people can save money before they pay tax for health care.

If people have got insurance for 18 months continuously, they can opt for a new policy. There will be no cover denial for people with existing medical situations. There will be limitations for the company which deducts their tax by paying their employees medical insurance expenses.

Price plans to have government -run health plans for those people who has got existing medical conditions and cannot afford to buy health insurance from the private market.