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We offer high quality general plumbing services, rain water harvesting/gutters, irrigation, swimming pools, boreholes, tiles, terrazzo, and supply of materials, amongst others.Plumber Contact us here

We do general plumbing installation and maintenance such as fresh water pipe, which work both internal and external, drainage work both internal and external including connecting septic tanks and the soak pits, connecting water tanks, sanitary installations such as; wash basins, toilets, showers, bathtubs, shower cabins, bidets, kitchen sinks, washing machines, jacuzzi bath and installation of accessories such as; mirrors, T.P holders, towel rails, soap dish, toothbrush holders etc, boreholes service and irrigation works.

In rain water harvesting, we supply and fix modern gutters and their accessories which are plastic. We gather rain water from the roof and direct it to either the surface or a tank for harvesting. We have modern techniques whereby first dirty water from the roof goes separately then the clean water goes directly to the tank. We also carry out maintenance works such as fixing old plastic gutters. We also do purification of dirty rain water from the roof. We provide irrigation services for any kind of farming. We also provide maintenance services for irrigation systems and irrigation equipment. Our experts ensure that the irrigation system is built to standard to enable our clients attain the highest produce possible. Are you in need of a swimming pool and wondering which company to trust with your project. Extra Ordinary Plumbers is here to design, install and provide maintenance and treatment services for any size of swimming pool. We carry out bore hole installation and maintenance for any type of bore hole project. Whether its in an urban area or a remote area, our team of professionals is well equipped to accomplish any type of bore hole drilling, installation and maintenance. We lay tiles in either a square or a diagonal way according to our clients preference and we also supply different types of tiles and their accessories in various colors for walls, floors and outdoor tiling.

We make terrazzo in different designs and colors. We also supply all terrazzo materials. Some of the processes of making terrazzo include:- measuring, mixing, applying, suring, grinding, cleaning and applying polish to shine.

We do general building construction and renovation works for residential houses, apartments, storeyed buildings, arcades, shopping malls, schools, churches, swimming pools among others.

We supply plumbing materials such as PPR pipes and fittings, GI pipes and fittings, PVC pipes and fittings, HDPE pipes and fittings, Drainage pipes and fittings, Rain water gutters and fittings, water tanks, HDPE septic tanks, kitchen sinks, all sanitary ware, rain gutters, shower trays and bath tubs, bathroom accessories, tiles and accessories, terrazzo materials, water heaters, among others.

We provide professional cleaning services such as cleaning and disinfection of water tanks and other services.WHAT MAKES US EXTRA-ORDINARY

Determination and commitment of our directors and technical teams to serve our clients 24 hours with the best as it is clear that quality depends on mostly the attitude and high sense of plumbing professionalism.

The modern tools we use in our work makes us produce extra-ordinary quality work hence the name extra – ordinary.

Unquestionable experience of our technical team in the field of trade makes us defend the name Extra-ordinary.

The Volume of work: we handle different technical services and we also provide our clients with Plans and Drawings for easy future maintenance.

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