Inherent Mosquito Modification For Health

Our scientists are smart enough to tell us about the history of every virus. However, some viruses like zika have confused our scientists that a vaccine for zika is yet to invent. Scientists know that zika virus which gets spread through mosquitoes comes under the same genre of the mosquitoes which spreads dengue and chikungunya. Hundreds of babies have suffered the dangerous zika virus in Brazil. Most of them have defects. Zika is now a global emergency. Health officials have confirmed that the zika virus infected people will increase in number in Brazil.

The Oxitec biotechnology firm has come up with an idea of genetically modified male mosquitoes to the mosquito population. If this idea works, we can wipe out the mosquitoes, which spreads zika virus. The idea is to inject the mosquitoes laid eggs with lethal genes DNA. Releasing only the male mosquitoes will help us from zika as male mosquitoes will not bite. The scientifically made mosquitoes cannot survive adulthood. As a result, the mosquito population will shrink and eventually will get destroyed. Most people do not believe in this idea, only because they do not know what to do.Officials say that the world is at risk because of this virus. Scientists believe that with Oxitec’s idea, around 80 percent of mosquitoes can be killed while what the world want is the complete destruction.

Health officials have asked the people to stay safe by not allowing standing water in the bucket or flower pot, keeping the windows closed, and the usage of mosquito repellents. Officials say that public is scared when they hear genetically made mosquitoes as they do not understand the importance of it. Ignorance is the main issue in genetic engineering. In a nutshell, only genetically made mosquitoes can help to put a stop to zika virus as a vaccine against this virus is yet to be made.

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