May 2016

A Rise In The Air Pollution

Pollution of the air is on a hike now a day. According to studies, 80 percent of the people in urban areas are breathing polluted air. People living in lower income cities are the most affected. The percentage is above 55 when it comes to higher income cities. Studies say that low and middle- income countries, people do not meet WHO air quality standards. As per records, more cities are making way to the list of polluted cities. If people do not follow the standards of WHO, it will lead to heart diseases, stroke, cancer, acute respiratory diseases and at last death.

Many cities have taken a step forward to monitor air quality. Air pollution is the greatest risk to the environment. It is important to make the people aware of the pollution. When air pollution decreases, there will be a decrease in the diseases. If the air pollution continues to go up, it will be a hazard to the health. A reduction in the factory or industrial smoke emissions or the increased use of renewable energy like wind- mill and solar can help in reducing air pollution. It is the responsibility of each to make the world pollution free so that people can live longer and healthy.