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Car Accident Injury Claim – What is it Worth? Injury Attorneys Guide

Have you been involved in an accident and are curious about what your car accident case might be worth? To answer this question for you, an injury attorney will typically consult medical professionals to assess monetary, physical, and mental damages.

The responsible party in an injury case is the one that will be paying the injured individual. Usually, the person’s insurance company is responsible for the car accident injury compensation. Not all cases go to trial; more often than not, the cases are settled outside of the courtroom when a negotiated agreement is reached between involved parties and their legal counsel. More here:

Let us look at several types of damages most commonly awarded in personal injury cases.

Compensatory Damages in Injury Cases

Compensatory damages are exactly what they sound like – compensation (intended to make the injured plaintiff “whole” from the monetary compensation point of view. Such damages seek to reimburse the injured for anything lost due to the accident – whether it be the medical bills, rehabilitation fees, property damages, or any other types of damages that can be assigned with a dollar figure. Not all compensatory damages are easy to estimate; various activities an injured person can no longer perform that cause mental anguish are prime examples. The inability to perform functions at the same physical ability as before the accident is another example of difficult-to-estimate compensatory damages.

A quick overview of compensatory damages:

* Income – when putting a figure amount on the income compensation, past income is not the only type considered income. Any future earnings you would have obtained if it were not for your accident is also considered in the overall total compensation.
* Medical treatment – similar to income, compensation is calculated for medical treatment you have received and will need to receive in the future.
* Pain and suffering – the distinguishing feature of compensation for pain and suffering is that it usually translates into short-term suffering and pain versus ongoing medical treatment.
* Property loss – just as it sounds, your damaged property from the accident is reimbursed through estimates as fair market value.
* Emotional distress – in some states, emotional distress is considered compensation (things like loss of sleep, fear, anxiety and any other emotional problems resulting from the accident).
* Loss of enjoyment – the inability to partake in daily activities that you used to enjoy but no longer able to do. Such activities may include hobbies, outdoor adventures, physical exercise, and others.
* Loss of consortium – damages awarded for negative effects the accident had on the injured person’s spouse or child. Inability to maintain a similar relationship as prior to the accident, whether emotionally or physically. More on this website

Punitive Damages in Injury Cases

Punitive damages are usually awarded in large sums to deter a specific behavior exhibited by the defendant. Think of punitive damages as a punishment for doing something terrible – in an extremely careless way. Such damages are awarded to punish the defendant and set forth an example to the rest of the community or industry that the defendant is part of.

Various Factors that May Affect the Claim Outcome
Any role in your own injury will directly result in lower compensation if any. Most state laws consider what’s called “comparative negligence” by determining the degree of fault you had in your injury.

Other states (although few) will consider your degree of fault in a different light by the standard of “contributory negligence” – determining whether you contributed to your injury and possibly denying any claims whatsoever.

Failing to receive medical treatment may also cause your claim awards to drop significantly. It is the injured person’s responsibility to take all necessary measures to prevent further injuries, thus requiring medical treatment as soon as possible.

As you can see, there is no clear answer to what your claim might be worth due to the sheer number of various factors that can significantly sway the compensation amounts. Depending on how well you handled the situation, your degree of fault, and your attorney’s expertise, claim awards can be maximized or mitigated entirely—obtaining help from an injury attorney soon after the injury is your best guarantee for appropriate steps to take place and minimize the harm of making a mistake that can ultimately make your claim worthless.

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Personal Injury Attorneys – DUI Car Accident Lawyers

In Texas, the driver of a vehicle is legally intoxicated or drunk if their blood alcohol content level (BAC) is at .08 percent or higher. Amazing as it seems, many people are legally drunk after only two drinks in one hour. Although the majority of people will get behind a vehicle and drive as they do not believe they are too intoxicated to drive. The drunk driving accident lawyers in our law firm have represented many clients who have suffered injuries or lost a loved one as a result of a driver believing they were sober enough to drive got behind the wheel of a vehicle and caused injuries to innocent people. More information on car accident attorneys here

Right to compensation

Those innocent people who are injured as a result of the negligent actions of a drunk driver are allowed to recover compensation for their injuries, damages and losses. It is not unusual for those injured by a drunk driver to suffer life-altering injuries including severe burns and lacerations, broken limbs, head injury, paraplegia or even death. Those injured, and the families who have lost a loved one as a result of the car collision caused by the intoxicated driver, are entitled to recover for their medical expenses, loss of earnings, future medical expenses and loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering, and potentially punitive damages due to the intentional negligent actions on the part of the intoxicated driver.

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Compensation is not going to undo the damage or bring back your loved one; it can provide you and your family with the financial security that is essential after a serious injury or the loss of a loved one.

Protect your options

Early investigation of the car accident is vital; before witnesses’ memories begin to fade, evidence is lost, and to make certain that the blood alcohol content tests are conclusive and included in the investigation reports. Our knowledgeable and skilled accident attorneys carefully review the investigation performed by the local law enforcement. If there appears to be missing evidence, statements or the investigation is not thorough, our qualified car accident lawyers will utilize a team of highly skilled and proficient investigators and accident reconstructionists to conduct an independent investigation to make certain that the proper parties are identified and the cause of the accident is determined.

If you or a family member is managing serious injuries or the wrongful death of a loved one due to an accident caused by a drunk driver, call our drunk driving lawyers today to schedule a free consultation.

RV’ing – Make sure You Always Have Propane

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When you have a gauge for your RV propane tank, checking on the level of gas remaining in the tank is quick and easy. With just a glance, you can determine how much fuel you have left, and you can decide if you need to refill or if you can wait for another day. However, not all RV propane tanks have gauges in place. If you are traveling without a RV Resortsgauge, you will need another option for determining how much propane is left.

Not to Worry

Fortunately, it is not only possible to check out much propane you have even without a gauge – it is actually quite easy as well. To do so, you are only going to need a small container full of hot water. When you wish to check on your propane level, fill a container with hot water from the tap. You certainly don’t need boiling hot water to do this test, so just use the hot water side of a faucet and you will be set to go. More Information on this website @

With water in hand, head over to your propane tank and open up the compartment so you have access. Away from the valves of the tank, pour the water down the side, starting at the top. You are going to let the water just run down the side of the tank and drop off back to the ground. Pour all of the water you have onto the tank – it should take a few seconds to complete this part of the job.

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Feel for the Line

Once the water is poured, take your hand and place it on the side of the tank where you have poured the water. By quickly running your hand over the metal tank, you should notice there is a significant temperature difference at some point along the way. Part of the tank is going to feel warm, while part of the tank will feel cold. The warm part of the tank will be where there is air behind the metal, while the cold part of the tank is where the gas remains. So, by finding the point where warm metal turns to cold, you can figure out exactly how much gas remains inside.

Once you find the ‘line’ between hot and cold, look at that spot in comparison with the tank as a whole. Do you have half of your tank left? More? Less? Whatever the case, you will now know within a very small margin of error how much propane remains to be used by your RV. If you are rather low, it may be time to head to a refilling station in order to top off the tank and prepare for your travels to come.

Be Smart

Of course, it is always important to keep in mind that propane, as a compressed gas, should be kept in a tank that is in good physical condition. If your tank is showing signs of age, you may wish to consider a replacement at some point in the near future. With a healthy propane tank along for the trip, you should be ready for a great vacation.